Friday, April 8, 2011

Brayden Turns 2!

Happy Birthday to my BIG baby boy!
Well, my baby boy turned 2 on Wednesday and I'm super sad about it. He's growing up WAY to fast for me to handle. I need him 6 months old... :( He is so independent and BOSSY! I wonder who he gets his bossyness from?*haha* NOT his momma thats for sure... =) I love this little boy so stinkin' much that I don't what in the world I did before I had him. I must have been REALLY bored before having him. He's so much like Tad its just not even funny, looks like Tad, ACTS like Tad and can definetly throw a fit like Tad! *haha* BUT He does have his mommy's eyes and nose! Brayden keeps Tad and me on our toes and makes sure that its time to rest when HE is ready to rest. He loves to blow bubbles...probably his favorite thing to do right now, and of course ride his "trac trac"(gator). Wednesday morning I asked him Whose birthday it was and he said "NEMO"! It was soo funny. I kept telling him that it was his birthday and he would say No Way.... He's such a mess! That night we had a little party for him with my parents and Tad's parents. I got my dad to grill hamburgers and hot dogs and my mom got cupcakes from Walmart (the cupcakes were made into a cake) We decided to do Cars instead of Nemo for this little party. He loves the movie Cars too... :) We had a wonderful time and he got a few more gifts! =) Ohh, we started putting lipton onion soup or lipton beefy onion soup mixes in our hamburger meat before we make the patties and they are WONDERFUL! You should try it next time you have burgers! Anyway..So yesterday I told him that we were going to Karter's Birthday Party on Saturday and he said.. "NEMO" Sooo, everyone's birthday is Nemo. We had his 2 year check-up this morning and he weighed 25lbs and was 35in. tall! So proud he grew 4 inches since October. Although, he was NOT very cooperative while the nurse was trying to get his measurements. Everyone around us who saw him throwing his fit just laughed. After that we had to make a return at Belk and then headed to my favorite place..Target! I could just live in that place literally!!! I finished up his Easter..Thank goodness..Don't have to worry about that anymore!

Enjoying his hotdog, chips/dip, and pickles :)

 His Cars Cupcake Cake!

This was just a little bit ago after we got home from the doctor, we were watching Over The Hedge that he got for his birthday!

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