Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a busy Wednesday!

These pictures below were taken Sunday or Monday night, I can't remember what night it was honestly. He loves to pretend play the drums. I have attempted to play the guitar and I pretty much stink at it! Even though I got kicked out before the song got to the chorus, Brayden always said "yay mommy" and clapped for me ;) What a sweet boy he is to cheer his mommy on even when I'm losing horribly.

 Then he found mommy's AU slippers! My parents bought these for me when I was in high school and I still have them, they're actually VERY comfey I just never wear them. Brayden enjoys playing in them though :)

Last night after dance Brayden and I stopped by the Colquett's house to give Karter his crocs, which he seemed to really like :) We vistited with them for a while, we had a wonderful time! Then we went to Izzy and Papa T's house for supper and ate a yummy cheeseburger! Which if you know me, I can eat a cheeseburger everyday!!! I decided that we would just stay with them, I had a bad headache and my back was killing me. Brayden slept with his Izzy and Papa T so that mommy got a night without hair pulling :) It was nice I must say not to have someone yanking on my hair all night long. BUT he was sure glad to see me this morning when he woke up and I was sure glad to see his sweet face :) They left this morning going out of town and will be home Friday, we sure miss them when they are gone away. Brayden and I know that we'll have a present when they get home though*haha* Thats how they keep me from getting mad with them about leaving me and B at home. =) Yes I know I am spoiled and so is Brayden and so is Tad!!! Don't let Tad tell you he isn't because he is!!! So today Brayden and I went to get his granny(Tad's mom) and headed to Andalusia to take her to get her car. We made a pit stop at WalMart of course... We came back to Opp and dropped my car off to have a "spa" day..haha.. It was filthy and needed somebody with more elbow grease than me to clean it. We dropped it off and headed to Papa G's for lunch and boy was it PACKED! Yes those cheese sticks were good and yes I ate a bunch of them. You have to indulge yourself sometimes.

This is how Brayden feel asleep after we got home this afternoon, all that running around just wore him out!
 Mommy and Brayden's photo session! :)

 Brayden was rolling all around the floor tonight after getting his bath..
 I love this little boy to the moon and back!
 My SHINY and CLEAN car!!! Those guys did a fabulous job!!
 Our new front door rug, its kinda small but I LOVE it! Its just soo Springy:)
 The final project of my Poster project...I will put it on the poster board when I get to the conference Friday morning. My teacher is very plain, but I had to add some color to it...

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  1. Love the photo session!! And they did do good with your car.... tar is gone I see :)!! And honey.... you and Heidi both could eat a cheeseburger every night. that's what she had to have tonight. she LOVES them!!! I didn't know you had a headache last night.... put a warm rice sock on that neck of yours and relax a little.... then make Tad rub it when he gets home :)!