Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loving this weather :)

First off, yesterday that weather was SOOO nice! We enjoyed it so much even though I did burn was nice to burn up and not freeze to death!haha... Friday afternoon, Brayden and I played outside for a while blowing bubbles(of course) and he played with his cane pole that his pawpaw brought him to play with when we go fishing. He thought he was something being able to pick that big cane pole up and put it high in the air..He kept telling me "watch this" it was really cute!

 Getting ready to blow some bubbles, his new bubble thing is pretty awesome and YES we used all the bubbles up in 1 afternoon! :)
 "Watch this" he says...
He was completely worn slam out from playing outside!
Saturday, we were lazy most of the morning and played with his monster trucks!*haha* We had Karter's 2nd Birthday Party to go to that afternoon, and let me tell you those kids had a BALL! Toyia did such a wonderful job decorating and planning! I just wish I were that crafty and thought of things like she does. They had a train ride and a jumping thing and B enjoyed all of it.  During the opening presents, Brayden thought they were all his gifts and had to be right there in the middle. Bless Karter's heart he got to see what his gifts were after Brayden saw them. I guess their birthday's being so close that Brayden really did think they were his gifts. I just don't know about that little boy sometimes...he's just such a rotten mess =) Then when it was time for us to leave he got mad because we didn't take the presents home with us. I just kept trying to explain that they were Karter's and NOT his! Thats hard to explain to a 2 year old though.

 Toyia and Karter riding the train

 Sweet Jackson man enjoyed his cupcake :)
 The Birthday Day!

These next few pictures are from tonight when we got to Izzy and Papa T's house after church. I had washed his bedding this afternoon and he had to look at. I laid it out in the floor and kept jumping on it, I guess he thought his bed was underneath. So, yes we have a bed and bedding now...Bed is still in my living room floor in its box and we still don't a mattress... I KNOW I KNOW....

Weight Watchers Update: Weighed this afternoon and down 2 more pounds!!! :) for a total of 11 lbs lost!

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