Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommy got a Cricut :)

Last Sunday after church I ordered a cricut for myself. The cricut is my Mother's Day gift from Tad and Brayden, but Tad let me go ahead and order it. Which is perfectly fine with me since I have wanted one since last dance recital. It came in Wednesday and of course I tried to use it and I couldn't get it to work. Sooo, I took it to Aunt Sam for her to figure out how to use it and she would just show me :) I hate to read about how to work something...I would rather play with it and figure it out, but I got a little frustrated! Anyway, she figured it out and made a big "B" if green. It was pretty neat how the cricut works. Thursday afternoon she came back to the house to show me how to work it :) and I could work it!!!*yay* Tiffany came over and I cooked us supper (Roast, Rice, and Stir was yummy) and we played with the critcut a little. I had went to Freds when I got out of school earlier that day and bought to glasses and a cake plate. One glass for me and one glass for Tiff and the cake plate was a surprise gift for Tad's mother.

I thought the cake plate turned out very cute!!! I hope Tad's mother likes it as much as I do! :)
 My glass I did, I know its a wine glass...and no I don't drink. I had some sweet tea in it that night for supper.
 Tiffany's glass, very cute with the flowers on it.
Tad has now moved to working nights due to some people not wanting to work nights, so he volunteered to do so. He said he likes it though and we get to talk to him a little more than we did when he worked days so thats a plus on our side :) Yesterday, I went to T&C to buy some more vinyl and get some more fabric for B's outfit his Aunt Sam is going to make! I'm super excited about it. Aunt Sam asked what we wanted on it either a truck or boat, and Brayden responded Boat! And yes, Tiffany and Nina its going to be a Jon Jon! *bahaha* To let everyone know they always make fun of me for dressing B in all the clothes I do. They tell me all the time that he's going to be in High School still wearing Jon Jon's... HE MIGHT! *lol* Truth is when Tiffany has a child, she will dress him/her in the same type of clothes I do Brayden just because we have the same taste in kid clothes. Anyway, it doesn't bother me at all...we always have good laughs talking about Brayden's clothes. After I did my running around in town Brayden and I went down to Papa T's house since he was home and we played outside forever!! Then all of us took a nap, which was MUCH needed. After our nap...We went outside again! We stayed outside until Izzy got home that night. This is the last Saturday of tax season and Brayden and I couldn't be happier! We hate that Izzy has to work late and work all the stinkin' time. She said this morning she was hoping to leave the office around 2 today so that means she'll leave around 3:30-4:00. She has NO sense of time when it comes to working. I think she's hanging around our Aunt Gail to much and doesn't know how to tell time very well...*haha* If you don't know my Aunt Gail...she is NEVER I mean NEVER on time! Bless her, its in her blood or something. We love her always late self though :) So today, Izzy is at work, Papa T is cutting grass and bushhogging, and Brayden and I are cleaning house and washing clothes. We have no plans for tonight, probably grill out at Izzy and Papa T's or something :) Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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  1. I love baking so I think that is an awesome gift I am sure she will love it as much as you do. And your son is adorable seems to be like my daughter has to be out and about all the time. Kids make the best of us though :)