Monday, April 18, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

 The picture above was taken Saturday afternoon when Papa T got finished washing off the tractor after bushhogging. Brayden thought he was a big boy getting to sit on the tractor by himself. He kept trying to make it go! It was super cute, he's going to a John Deere boy just like his Papa T. We stayed outside most of the afternoon on Saturday, the weather was wonderful and of course Brayden would stroke out if I tried to take him inside. Izzy got home pretty early from work and she brought Brayden a present..and guess what it was??? Fish! 2 gold fish. I think I forgot to mention that all of our goldfish died. The last 2 were dead Tuesday night when we got home from dance. So I threw the fish bowl away, because I decided next time we bought fish I was buying a tank so that I wouldn't have to clean it twice a week. I HATED cleaning that stinkin' thing! Well needless to say I had nothing to put the 2 new fish in when she brought them home. So right now they are in one of the bowls that I had the fish in at B's birthday party. Izzy is going to WalMart when she gets off today to buy a tank for us! :)  I did manage to get Brayden inside for a quick diaper change and a Reese egg snack. haha..His Papa T came home with a whole bag full of them last week. The Reese Egg's are mine and my mothers weaknesses around Easter time. They are our favorite, so I guess they're Brayden's favorite too :)
 Papa T grilled some chicken Breast  for supper, Brayden passed out before they were even done. I didn't wake him up to eat either, he was soo tired and needed to sleep. After I ate we came home and I put him straight to bed and I ironed our church clothes and headed to bed myself. So Sunday morning I had to give B a bath before church so I had to get up about 15 minutes early. He woke up as well, so that meant that he would need a nap right after church, and he did take a nap! He feel asleep on the way home and stayed alseep until like 1:30 I think. We just had a very relaxing afternoon of playing inside. :) These next few pictures are from Sunday morning before church ..he was being silly and I had to get a few pictures of him!
 I loves this picture, he looks just like Tad with that smerk on his face.

So, about the title because I know you are all wondering..*haha* I am completely stressed out and I have no idea what to do about it. I'm hoping that some of my stress will go away when school ends on May 2nd. I have a psychology conference to attend this Friday and I'm a little stressed about it because I hope my poster/project is good enough! Mainly I'm just ready to get it over with. Dance has completely taken over my life, as much as I try not to think about pops in my head every 5 minutes and I start stressing about it. As far as my neck goes, its stiff as a board!!! It hurts to turn, I haven't been able to pop my neck in over a year now. And you all know how good it feels to pop your neck. Anyway, I just know that there is something wonderful over the Rainbow that God has in store for me, He just needs me to be stressed out for awhile! Meanwhile I'll just stay on this side of the rainbow until he decided I can go on the other side *haha* I'll just try to make the best of it. =) I have a pretty busy week, school Tuesday/ Thursday, my parents going out of town, PSY conference on Friday, and of course Dance! Hope everyone has a blessed week :)

Weight Watchers Update: Lost 1 lb this week, I kinda wondered off a little this past week, but I still lost 1 lb! :)

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  1. Ha you sound a little like me im in school too and can not wait until may either it exhausting especially when you have a little one at home too. Good luck! Also congrats on the weight loss, i too only lost 1 lb this week its not what I wanted but at least i still lost.