Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

Our weekend was wonderful!Friday Brayden and I got up early and went to Enterprise and went to Lowe's to buy 2 sets of blinds for the windows in the living room. Then we went to Burke's, Big Lots, and Goody's. We enjoyed just going and looking around in those stores. Didn't buy anything just looked :) We came home and B took a nap and I cleaned the house and washed clothes. I also put the blinds up ALL BY MYSELF!!! Go Kayla!! :)haha... Tad was proud of me. So now we only have 3 more sets of blinds to buy and we'll be done! Thank goodness. Friday night, Tiffany stayed with us and I cooked bake pork chops, butterbeans, and Tiff brought macoronin-n-cheese and mexicorn. It was all very yummy! Of course we had to play Just Dance some! Brayden is obsessed with dancing...much like his mommy! :) Saturday we headed down to the beach for the day. The water was gorgeous and the temperature was nice! It wasn't unbearably hot and it wasn't cold either. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours and we started getting hungry so we showered off and headed to find something to eat. Well we decided we wanted to eat at Carrabba's...Well guess what...They were closed for a private luncheon. We stood in there for a couple of minutes and waitress came and told us. UGH...Tiffany and I are known for going into places and them not being open!!! Anyway, when all else fails....GO TO CHILI'S! :)and yes I got Cajun Chicken Pasta...Shocked?? haha.. We then went and did a little shopping, I mainly was going for Easter Gift, Brayden a present to have on Wednesday, and Tad's shorts he wanted from Polo. I got a few Easter things, Brayden his present and Tad's shorts! I was pretty productive. Brayden has his 2 yr appt. in Dothan Friday so we will most likely finish up the Easter gifts then. Tad is getting me a cricut for mother's day and so I have been pricing them, and I just don't know whats the best...If you have suggestions I would be more than grateful. I'm so excited to be getting one, I've been wanting one since last dance recital! Well anyway, now starts my busy week, I have my 2 articles that have to be 8-10 pages each due on Tuesday and then have 3 tests on Thursday. Come 3:45 on Thursday I will be one happy camper!!!

 This boy LOVES the water now..It doesn't matter that its 10 degrees or not! haha

Weight Watchers- I've lost 2 lbs this week..that means only 1 more pound and I'll be a whole 10 lbs lighter :)

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