Sunday, May 15, 2011

Congratulations Nina and Tiffany!

So if you didn't know that 2 of my BEST BEST friends Nina and Tiffany graduated from Troy Friday May 6th. I am beyond happy for them and I absolutley can't wait to see what God has in store for them. I would do anything for these 2 girls and they both know it!

Tiffany- I can still remember the day that you moved to Opp! We had Mrs.Nobles (now Mrs.Cassidy) for reading in homeroom. I COULD NOT stand you, I did not like the fact that we had a "fleeta flea" in our class. I don't know how many times I tried to get you into trouble but I'm sure it was alot. I'm almost pretty sure that we didn't even talk that year which was 6th grade. Sometimes I wonder what ever made us become friends especially since I was so mean in school. :)Anyway, we became friends in 7th grade and you spent the night with me one night after dance recital practice that year. I still lived in the trailor and I think I made you sleep on the floor???Do you remember that? I'm almost pretty positive that I did. After that you should have said gracious No I'm not being her friend she made me sleep on the floor. BUT You didn't! =) I mainly just remember high school and thats where we became really close to each other. Freshmen Year- One Word...AWSOME! :)BAHAHAHA... I think we all liked the same senior guy except for that one senior guy, and you know who I'm talking about!HINT (camo inside) haha...Now you know! We were just so eager to go riding "up town" that we would hide Pamela in the back of the stang and if anyone saw her she was our cousin from out of town! BAHAHA.. We were NUTS! 9th grade was pretty fun and probably the most fun we had in high school of course because we were only 15! 10th grade was okay, I got a steady bf and you did your thing *BAHAHA* Then we both became friends with the most CRAZY and OUTGOING girl I will ever know..I remember riding the bus home from Auburn that day and she was throwing pennies in that girls pants. She was soo funny and we both loved being crazy with her! Then we had to experience death together..not fun, but I'm glad you were there with me to get through it! 11 grade we started having fun again! :) I think we pretty much hung out every weekend and that summer you went to the beach with me with my family! We had a blast, but I remember that we would go ride the strip for a little bit then go back to room with my parents and we would go back and forth! Thats where the peer pressure started...I made you choose the cds we listened too. =) Senior year.. I think overall we had a good year, except for my mini-depression. We were always up to no good I'm sure, but we can def. laugh about it now!! Stalking the "new road", ditching our "friends", going around town with you driving like granny and me hiding in the passenger seat..oh and don't forget you wearing the lab coat!*HAHA* I think we have pretty much been attached to each other since our Junior year, and I plan on staying like that. You were there for me when I found out I was pregnant,probably freaking out..but you didn't show it :) You have always been SUCH a great friend to me and now your such a wonderul auntie to my baby boy. He loves his Auntie Tiff very much and loves to "love" on you :) I don't think that I could live without your friendship and I hope that I never have too!! I love you Tiffany Nicole Wiggins and I'm so happy for you for everything you have accomplished and of the person you have become!!! You are the bestest friend I could ever ask for!!!

Nina- Oh geese...Where do I start???? You just get me in trouble!!!! *BAHAHAHA* I would have to say that our 8th and 9th grade years were pretty awsome together, even though everytime I got grounded it was because of something I did at your house! :) I wouldn't take back any of those nights for anything in this world though. I remember the first time we really ever hung out was 8th grade and we had a dance that night, which we skipped! We went rolling in Antioch! BOY oh BOY was I in trouble when I got home that night!!! Hey, but we had some major teenager fun! More Leith always had us as tagalongs, he could never seem to get away from us. Bless our hearts, he just would never stop at hardees to let us socialize...we looked dumb as ever riding through staring like stalkers 500 times in 1 night! hahaha...That just makes me smile and laugh when I think about that. I mean I can just see us riding through hardees if I close my eyes! My mother is going to read this and think what in the world was my child doing...Sorry mom!! :) I do think the funniest thing ever would have to be the mattress on the floor deal! I will NEVER forget that for as long as I live, and I'm hoping that I will never to deal with that if I ever have a girl! Ohh, and what about those double coupon Saturday's at FREDS....your mother would drag us every Saturday!!! I remember on the way home one day ya'll got in a huge fight because you needed her to buy some school supplies for extra credit and oh boy...did your momma get mad!! She meant she wasn't buying your grades and I do believe she pulled off the road and threatened to put you out! hahaha...I def. will never forget you getting a "woopen" and you putting on jogging pants  under your jeans so that it wouldn't hurt that bad.=) Don't forget about Leith always making us listen to that "She's got Skillz" song...Do you remember that song?? I do! You've never had a great vocabulary, but when all else fails...Nina Sue will just make up her own words!!! Your just a chronicle liar..not compulsive...chronicle!!! HAHA!I think that our whole 9th grade year we liked the same exact guys...Never did we once like different ones... As I recall I did finally get ticked off about a certain one and walked out the room!*HAHAHAHA* Sometimes I wonder what in the world were we thinking...because right now..I have NO IDEA!!!*lol* All I know is we had fun and I guess thats all that matters! I want to Thank You for always being there when I need you, I remember when Tad and I had broken up for awhile, you were right there trying to make me feel all better. You even made up a crazy lie to make me feel better and get my mind off it..Well you did get my mind off of it and I freaked out a little. Your a wonderful friend and your an awsome mother to Landon and a great Aunt Nina to my baby boy. I love you and I'm thankful for our friendship! I'm so proud of you for everything you've accomplished and I can't wait to see what God has in store!!!

Here are a few pictures that I wanted to post of these 2 girls who are not only my best friends but my FAMILY! Most of the time I consider them my sisters as long as they don't embarrass me! J/K =)

Nina in child care 10th grade
Class Day 2005
Nina and me in child care in 10th grade
Getting ready to go rolling Homecoming Senior year
Junior Prom
7th grade in Mrs. Stanley's Civi's class...Clueless once again :)
Us at Class Day 2005... The 3 Muskateers!
This was 7th grade? Maybe 8th...I'm not sure..but of course Tiff was being crazy!
Us at break oneday...Class Day 2006
 This picture of Nina was from a 4th grade field trip

Nina-Tiffany... I love ya'll and appreciate ya'll more than ya'll will EVER know! I have always been there for ya'll and I always plan to be there for the both of you. I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm so proud of ya'll and happy to be your best friend :) Oh and just so you know..It has taken almost 2 weeks for me to finish the blog post!!! :)

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