Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My last year :(

Most everybody knows by now that DRS School of Dance isn't having a recital this year. My heart just hurts so bad, and I really don't know why I hurt so bad because I know its for the best. I understand DRS is 85 years old and that the dance school just isn't what it used to be,but I just hate it for our students now. I love each one of the girls and I just wanted to apologize for the year ending like this.Yes, I know its not my fault but somehow I think it is sometimes... I know its harder on the graduating girls simply because most of them have been there since they were preschoolers.. I know every girl says I hope DRS teaches until I reality just be thankful that you were able to take from such a TALENTED woman! DRS is a wonderful woman and an absolute fantastic dancer to be her age! Just to let you know, she can kick higher than I can in Chinatown! :) I know I get very ill about dance most of the time but honestly I LOVE to dance and be around those girls. Most of the girls are probably happy that I don't teach quite as much as I used to, simply because I'm very hard on them. I want our girls to learn and to do well...Parents may good money for their children to learn tap/ballet.  I have been apart of this dance school since I was 5 years old! This is my 17th year and my 5th year working. This will be my first year since I was 5 that I haven't had something to do the last week of May. Very sad...I'm not sure what I will do with myself.  I can't believe this is my 2 weeks of being at the studio with my girls and of course 2 of the best teaching assistants Carrie Odom/Brooke Dillard and I can't forget Amber Kersey..she has been the best assistant to me this year! She has made my life and job much easier. I'm thankful to work with such wonderful girls that I LOVE to be around and cut up with. Although I am def. going to miss dance recital week with the rest of the crew workers... especially going out to eat every night! :) I can remember when I started dance and my momma took me for shoe week...I was SOOOO scared of Mrs.S-, She made me do a few steps in front on the mirror and she said I was already a good dancer! :) I will never forget that day! DRS can make me very mad and very upset sometimes but at the end of the day I will appreciate her more than she'll ever know and cherish everything she has taught me as long as I live! She has helped make some very memorable moments for my friends and I that I'm pretty sure we'll never forget! =) I own 3 pair of tap shoes and I plan to keep them forever and hopefully remember everything that I've learned from DRS.  The parents/students recieved their letters today about no recital and DRS's retirement. It was a very emotional letter and it was very hard to see in writing that she is retiring. I've know for awhile that she was retiring, but to actually see it in writing really means that its real! I know she's 85 and just can't do it anymore but for some reason I just always had in the back of my head/heart that she would never retire and she would live forever! God has given DRS a wonderful life and career that she should be very happy about.  She has taught so many young girls dance but she has also taught us SOOO much more! Not only did my parents raise me but I think that DRS had quite a bit of influence on my life and growing up. I have learned so many things from her and I will cherish the memories from spending time with her forever.  I can't wait until I have a girl one day and be able to share stories about DRS and everything she taught me. I just hope that when I'm 85 that my legs will look half as good as hers do and I'll be able to kick as high as she does!!!! I'm sure that next Thursday after classes are over I will be very emotional and pretty sure that I'll be taking pictures of the building that I've taken dance in for 17 years!   Below are some pictures from my dancing years that I thought you might enjoy looking at :)

Of course I have a lot more pictures from my dancing years, but my mom has them all boxed up and I didn't want to make a mess at her house going through them all. So I just picked out a few that we had in a old photo album in the computer room.

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