Monday, November 21, 2011

The past 2 Weeks

I was out of school last week and I'm out this week too! I'm enjoying not driving to Troy for little while and saving that gas! Although I have plenty on schoolwork to be doing for my online classes and my classes in Troy. It's almost time for finals and I still have 2 more presentations to give.

My surgery went well, and I recovered pretty fast. I was a little inconvient because I couldn't pick up B and hold him :(. By that Friday we had figured out a system where he could lay/sit with me without him hitting my stomach. Tad did a wonderful job taking care of me and Brayden all by himself. That Thursday Brandi came by to see us and she and B took a much needed nap... :)

Brayden and I stayed with my momma that weekend because Tad went to GA to the races. B and I enjoyed spending time with Izzy very much. I think Izzy very much enjoyed sleeping with B and snuggling with him. I on the other hand was in my room trying to sleep on the bed. I could only sleep on my back and I would wake up with back aches everyday!! The gas from my stomach would go into my shoulder/neck and I don't I have ever been more uncomfortable in my life. I didn't make it to church that Sunday, I was still iffy about driving and still couldn't wear anything tight. That night my stomach hurt so bad I wanted to cry...thankfully it didn't last all night long.

Brayden liked laying on the other end of the couch sharing a blanket with mommy!
 This was Day 2 of no shower. Ya know, when I don't have somebody telling me I can't shower it wouldn't bother me. But when the doctor said no showers for 72 hours, it KILLED me!!! Needless to say I showered before my 72 hours were up! :)

 Izzy got a iPAD and Brayden enjoyed NOT sharing it with his Izzy while we stayed with her. He calls it an ePAD. He'll tell you that its his Izzy's but that he plays on it! When we are at my parents the first thing he asks Izzy is where is the ePAD at?? Haha!

Last Monday, Tad B and I went to Dothan to use some Target coupons I had that were expiring and shop for our shoebox kids! :) We love shopping for them, its such a blessing! Brayden enjoyed helping us pick out stuff. We did stop at the mall and guess who was already there??? Santa! He wanted to go see Santa but once we got up there to talk to him he was a little scared. And of course you know where we had to stop to eat lunch... Yes Chili's! :)

 My two boys who I love more than anything, they drive me crazy and run me wild...but I wouldn't trade those crazy boys for anything in this world.

The rest of the week was great and low key. We didn't do much the rest of the week, I did manage to get my application back over to Sav-a-Life. I haven't heard from them yet, so I plan on calling tomorrow to check on it and make sure the director got it. I really hope I get to become a volunteer, I need something to do and thats something I really want to do! The weekend was good, until Saturday night :( Brayden and I got up around 2:30 to change his diaper, he had been having HORRIBLE diapers since about 4 something that afternoon. He ended up having a fever. We went back to bed, he was a little restless just because his tummy was hurting. He had several more bad diapers on Sunday and ran another fever around lunch on Sunday. His poor hiney got so raw he screamed every time I would change his diaper. I would try my best to change him as soon as I realized he was going, just so it wouldn't make it worse.  Today he hasn't had a fever but he's had 3 bad diapers again. :( It just breaks my heart. I wish I knew what was going on inside his little tummy to make it feel better. He isn't eating much, so whatever I can get him to eat I'm good. Good thing he loves to drink gatorade!
We did get Brayden a Christmas tree for his room, its Auburn! :)

Today we haven't done to much! Brayden and I did a few errands in town and came home and relaxed. Tadpole went hunting after I got home this morning from the check-up appointment. That went well, doctor said everything looked fine, just no heavy lifting for a couple more weeks. Brayden and I went and ate supper with Tiff tonight at Papa G's and then went to WalMart to get a few things to finish a Christmas ball I'm making for my mothers mantel. Now, B and I are in the recliner watching Shake it Up and he's informing me that he wants to go to bed. So I guess I better follow his orders and do what he says! I don't want a meltdown! :) Goodnight All and I hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

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  1. Looks like y'all have had a great couple weeks :)!!! And honey if I could look like you after 2 days of no shower I'd be doing good.