Sunday, November 6, 2011

Helping Hand

Saturday was the sign-up day for community Christmas in Andalusia. Since Aunt Gail was running the AMS registration she drafted in my momma, Aunt Sam and myself. We got there around 8:30 and set up our stations and we opened the doors at 9:00! It will warm your heart to see those kids get excited about writing out their Christmas lists. For the past several years my momma and I have always gotten several of the angels to shop for and of course we love shopping for them! :) This was just our first time we actually helped with the regisistration though, and we both enjoyed it very much! I can't wait to get our angels and start shopping for them though. It's a whole different feeling shopping for them than for Brayden. A feeling I can't really explain, just that the feeling makes me so happy and excited for those kids.

I did finish my career paper last night! :) I will post it on another blog so ya'll can read it and see what my career plans are. I got my first Sunday paper today and cut out coupons! I'm so excited to use them!...Yes I know, the crazy things that make this mommy happy! Don't laugh, I gotta save some money :) I only have school Tuesday and then I'm out until the week after Thanksgiving! Can't wait for a break with my boys. I'm starting to get a little nervous about my surgery on Wednesday, but I know its not major...I'm just a baby!*haha* I honestly don't have alot to say in this blog, I just felt like blogging! :) Tad's going hunting all day tomorrow, B's going to daycare, and I have to go pre-register at the hospital and get my hair trimmed. Somewhere in between I need to do a little homework so I won't have to worry about it after the surgery. 

This was Friday night, Tad got oyster's and while we were eating oyster's Brayden was enjoying some crackers and ketchup! I love this kid :)

 Brayden had my phone and had himself a little photoshoot, there is about 20 pictures of him on my phone!

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