Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallstones,New Ride,Meltdowns,New House,and Halloween.

Wow! It's been a little while since I've blogged. I feel like I just honestly have not had the time to sit down with the computer (other than doing schoolwork!). I have my research proposal due next week and today was my meeting with my professor to go over it, Well...she tore it to pieces of course... BUT I do have a better understanding of what I need to do to make it better. My Career Paper is due Sunday and I haven't even started on it! We are supposed to put what we want to be when we grow up, what graduate school we want to go into(must have 2 graduate schools listed) and the requirements to get into school. So, my paper will say... "I'm graduating in May 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I plan to stay at home! As of right now I have no desire to go to graduate school." Sound good??? Don't think my professor will think its to funny. Honestly what in the world am I supposed to right about? My plans were to go to graduate school in 2 years but as of right now I don't want too! Anyway, To the Title...

      I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago about my stomach, I was having very bad pains in the middle/top of my stomach and just hurt soo bad. Well I've been nauseas for about 2 months now and couldn't figure out why. So I went to the doctor and he had do bloodword and ultrasound. Went last Monday for all that and Wednesday went back to the doctor and I have gallstones and have to have my gallbladder out! Most of my pains are in the morning and night time. Some days are worse than others, but the nausea is AWFUL!!!!! I'm going tomorrow to schedule the surgery! Hoping to do it Thursday because Tad has to go to PCB Friday for work and that way my momma can just take off on Friday with me since she only works half days on Friday.

New Ride-
     Tad and I got us a Tahoe! :) My favorite SUV well other than a Range Rover, and he wasn't buying me one of those!haha... My mom says that if she was gonna have a SUV it would be a Range Rover...*L* Well good thing she likes cars!!! :) I'm loving it so far! I love being up High! haha

     We have had our fair share of meltdowns the past couple of weeks!They just seem to be getting more common and coming more frequent. Oh they come from ALL 3 of the Tisdale's living in this house! It's just not B! *lol*

New House-
    No, we didn't get a new house, but Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne finally moved in their new home in Dogwood... a LONG LONG way from T.T. Clark Road! :( It hasn't really hit me yet that they are really "gone" since they still have lots of stuff at their house down here. I'm super happy for them and so glad they have more room for all 5 of them, but I'm going to miss calling down there and telling Sam to send her boys to my house to entertain B for me. *L* Well adjust and its going to be an adjustment for all of us!

     Yesterday obviously was Halloween (trick or treat)... After having a small meltdown and forcing Brayden into his Aubie costume, we finally went to Aunt Sam's to trick or treat around Dogwood. Sunday night B wouldn't even think about putting on his costume for Westview's Fall Festival...COMPLETE Meltdown!!! We had a blast trick or treating and Brayden loved going up to people's houses looking for candy.

Other than that, I've been busy with mainly schoolwork and planing to have this surgery...just getting all my school stuff in order. We've been enjoying having Tadpole home for this extra time! He aggravates the living daylights out of us, but atleast he's home and not on the other side of the world away from us. He's starting to learn to "be lazy" and relax a little. He gets super bored...I keep telling him to find a second job so he'll have something to do. haha... Well I can barely keep my eyes open, so B and I are going to join Tadpole in bed and go to sleep! :) Everyone have a wonderful week!

My pretty handsome husband doing exactly what he does best...talking on the phone and surfing the internet! Haha!

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