Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy Little Bee

I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday, I was pretty proud of myself. I took B to daycare around 8:45 because I knew I had a haircut appointment at 2 and I had to go before then and pre-register at the hospital. After dropping him off I came home and started cleaning and washing clothes. I washed/dried/and put up 3 loads of clothes. I vaccumed every room in the house, and mopped the kitchen and B's bathroom/hallway. I straightened up his room a little bit, you can walk in there and around to the closet and his bed and TV so thats good! *haha* I also dusted the living room and kitchen. By the time I got all that done it was time to eat a little lunch and get ready to head back to town. Oh and I also got some of our clothes swapped out too, I took some of our summer clothes down to my parents and brought back some of our winter clothes. :) Thank goodness for a room/closet still down there are their house, if we didn't have it I don't know what we would do....Probably have one crowded house! Pre-registering at the hospital didn't take as long as I thought it would so I got to the beauty shop early to get my hair cut...but who doesn't enjoy listening to older women talk! :)*haha*

I picked B up at 2:45 and we headed home to lay out supper and our Tiff was coming over to see us, Well get her birthday present..and I might add its only 3 1/2 weeks late! Thats pretty good for me :) She visited with us for awhile and won't home sometime after 4 I think...I'm not very good with time when I'm at home! So after she left I started supper! We had bake pork chops with cream of chicken soup, mashed potatos, butterbeans, and macoroni and cheese! It was Yummo! Tad even ate all of it, most of the time he'll eat 2 things I cook but not all of them... I got a winner last night! Once again he came home with no deer, he did say that he saw some yesterday morning thats a plus for him. He's back at this morning, he won't get to go anymore this week so he's off the hook for getting to hunt all day yesterday and today! *L* I would be even happier if he'd bring us home a big buck, we need some hamburger meat. I'm getting tired of running to IGA all the time for some hamburger meat. My little family can go through some hamburger meat now! On Wednesday nights I always cook hamburger helper just because its easy and an easy clean up before church and we normally have spagetti/tacos/or hamburgers at some point in the week. I actually think we are going to have tacos tonight! Sounds pretty good to me right now. Brayden and I woke up at 5:47 this morning, so to Ms.Hallie and Ms.Robin I am sorry for Brayden today, because I know he is going to be one tired little boy by the time he gets to daycare! :) I on the otherhand, hope I don't fall asleep on the way to Troy or during presentations in class. I'm interested to see what my classmates career paths are or are going to be.

 So, Brayden and I got a little bored last night waiting on supper and for daddy to get home from hunting. *lol*

Oh and this is for Toyia and Kyle, The first thing B said when picking him yesterday from KW was... "I saw Sophie, Her my girlfriend, Her had a dress on" LOVE IT! Get ready KC, Brayden is after little Sophie. He says Karter is his best friend, and boys always date their best friends younger sisters! *bahaha* I thought ya'll might get a kick out of that! ;)

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  1. HAHA that is hilarious Kay!! Kyle likes to say that aint happening *L*!! He saw me typing this and said "IT AINT HAPPENING"!!! HAHA!! Brayden is too smart already figuring out relationships *L*!! Karter doesn't even mention girls.