Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bye Bye Gallbladder!

Yesterday was my surgery and my gallbladder is now GONE!They sent it off to the lab. Tad, my momma and daddy got to actually see my gallbladder and gallstones. They said that my gallbladder was packed full of gallstones, and no wonder I was hurting so bad! *L*I tried to tell them I hurt... The last thing I remember before the surgery after taking me back into the OR was I was telling the nurse about my presentation today at school and how I had to re-schedule it. There's probably no telling what else I was saying back there. They might have got a ear full! :) I slept awhile in recovery and Uncle Wayne came to visit for a few minutes. After he left, the nurses said I could go home at any time then, just whenever I felt like it. I got up and went to the bathroom and got really dizzy. I laid back down for a little bit then I sat up again and was feeling a little bit better. Mother helped me put my pants on while waiting for the nurse to come take my IV out. Once the IV was out, we were outta there!!! I was pretty much groggy all the way home, don't to much remember the ride home. I slept on and off all afternoon. Tad fixed me some chicken noodle soup and I ended up not being able to eat it. I took another nap and then I ate a bowl of jello. Tiffany came over late yesterday afternoon and visited for about 45 minutes, and by then my baby boy was home! I missed that little booger! Later on, momma and daddy brought me some pound cake from Aunt Sam and B went home with them for a little while. Tad and I enjoyed a little quiet time, he cooked me some yellow rice and he ate some noodles...very plain jane dinner for us! :) We watched the CMA's while we ate, he would just burst out was funny! He told me that they asked him to be there to sing but he had to turn them down because he had to stay at home with me since I had to have surgery... *LOL* I love my tadpole and how he thinks he's a country music star! I slept on the couch and B and Tad had the bed to theirselves. I was scared to sleep with B since he likes to waddle all over us at night. Our couch isn't the best couch to sleep on all night long. I got up 3 times to go to the bathroom, I never do that... This morning I feel okay, still in pain...I haven't taken any pain medicine yet because I haven't been hungry to eat anything yet. Tad and B are gone to the grocery store right now to get some groceries, because we have none! I can't go anywhere, I can't drive, I can't shower until SATURDAY!!!! I know I know, I'm going to stink by then. I told Tad earlier that him and B were going to be spraying me down with perfume pretty soon! I plan on washing off with a towel when he gets back. Overall, I feel okay. When I stand it feels like my stomach is ripping apart but thats the worst part. They said that my shoulder might hurt from the gas in my stomach moving around and boy has my shoulder hurt... its been making my neck hurt too...I'm sure as soon as I'm able to lay on my stomach I'll be going back to the chiropractor to get re-alined! I told Tad this morning, I have no idea what I'm going to wear to church Sunday, if this gas in my stomach doesn't get out, I'll be wearing some stretch pants!haha...Hey but atleast I'll have a bath by then! :) I'll smell clean and be clean. Anyway, Brandi is coming over in little while to help out with me and B! I'm sure Tad will appreciate the help..  I'm so lucky that God blessed me with a fantastic husband, family and friends. They have all been absolutely wonderful yesterday and today already! :)

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