Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to reality??? Do I have too???

Well its back to school tomorrow for this ole girl :(  I just really don't want to go! I have enjoyed my two weeks of not having to drive to Troy. Although, this semester is almost over and I don't have much longer of driving there and I'll have a good break :) Anyway, our weekend was okay...Auburn lost...doesn't bother me at all..I tried my best to stay off facebook on Saturday due to all the comments I knew would be said about Auburn. There are some people that take it way to serious.. Its JUST a game folks! Thanksgiving was good, we missed Aunt Sam and her crew though. They were on a mission trip to OK for the week but Hey, I can't complain...they were spreading the Word and thats always the best giving you can give someone! Sunday, Aunt Sam and I had the 1 year old class for childcare. I love those little kids! I miss Brayden being that small so much. Today, Tiffany and I had a girls day and went to Enterprise and did a little shopping. I didn't get as much as I wanted to get for Tadpole but I did get several things for my angel. I love shopping for my angel! I chose a big girl (10-12) this year and I've gotten her several things I know she's going to love. Tad and I do have most of our shopping done for Brayden.. I think theres 1 or 2 more gifts we want to get him and then we'll just like stocking stuffers which I already have a few of too! I plan to finish Tad's christmas up on Wednesday. I have to go to Dothan to take the MAPP exam for school and I plan to do a little shopping after my test. Tad leaves Wednesday heading down to Pensacola for the Snowball Derby and won't come home until Sunday night. I may go spend the night Friday night if I can get all of my schoolwork done before then. I have my first proctered exam on Sunday afternoon between church so I need to get everything done for it.  Brayden is in his own bed tonight, I really want him to start sleeping in his bed, I love him sleeping with Tad and I but he literally pushes me out of bed and pulls my hair ALL I mean ALL night long and its not comfortable!  Plus the boy has a stinkin' bed in his room and needs to be put to use! He's going back to daycare tomorrow, I kept him out last week since I was out and it was Thanksgiving week and him and Tadpole had a daddy/B day today. I think they were pretty much lazy and didn't do to much.  I'm in the living room and I can hear him sucking on his paci, so that means that he's asleep! ;) After I got home from shopping with Tiff, we ate supper Papa G's :) and we put the Christmas tree up! SO glad thats over. I dread putting it up and decorating it... I have to have it perfect or it will drive me crazy. Tad is supposed take down all the fall decorations outside tomorrow while I'm at school and hopefully I'll finish decorating the inside tomorrow afternoon sometime. Tomorrow is back to school and then to Andalusia to get tags for the trailor and home to do some cricutting and spray painting! :) Hope everyone had a good as can be Monday and a wonderful rest of the week...Enjoy the pictures!

This was on Wednesday, Brayden has an ear infection :( But it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. He was not happy about me taking a picture of him either!

 This was my mothers cake she made for Thanksgiving! Doesn't it look yummy??? Bahaahaha! We have no idea what happened to it... It just fell to pieces!!! I made fun of her cake all weekend. I had a right do after she licked the batter bowl and didn't offer me any!

I did the tree different this year, instead of the ribbon going around I did it going up and down. I want some new springs for the top, so I plan on making a pit stop Wednesday at Inside Accents in Dothan! :) Maybe this year we'll get a real tree skirt instead of lime green fabric that was left over from my Junior prom dress! *haha*
 My hubby in his AU shirt :) playing on the computer. Your probably thinking why is he in the floor? Well we had planned on watching Madea's Christmas Play from iTunes tonight but it said that it would take 24 hours to download. I have no idea why it says that long, something is going on with our internet and I'm thinking we need a new router! Ugh! So thats why he is in the floor playing on the computer! Ohh the computer has to be hooked up to the TV in order for us to watch a movie on iTunes.
 Again, not wanting his picture taken!
Well now its time for me to fix my coffee for the morning, fold a load of towels, get B's school stuff together, pick B's clothes for tomorrow and go join my boys in bed. Ohh While I was uploading the pictures Tad went and got B out of his bed and put him in bed with him. :)

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  1. Speaking of coffee, we bought us a Keurig Coffee maker today :)!! Super awesome!! Y'all should look into it.