Friday, November 4, 2011

Do I just give-in???

To begin with, my gallbladder surgery is next Wednesday for those of you that wanted to know about it! ;) I'm a little nervous, but just mainly ready to feel better! Feeling like I'm going to throw up 24 hours a day everyday is getting a bit old and the pains in my upper stomach are just a "little" aggravating! I'm praying this surgery is going to make me feel better and be back to my old self. Right now, I get tired very easily and I'm in pain and feel sick most of the day. Wednesday when I went to schedule my surgery the doctor asked.. "When you eat does it make you feel better?" I replied with a big laughing smile "NO!!!!" So anyway the gallbladder is coming out next week! :)

If you have never been around mine and Tad's child, I want you to know he is the most strong-willed 2 year old boy you'll ever meet. Three year ago I had no idea he was going to be like this, my family just thought we had it bad with Oki Grace. BAHAHA...Oki's an angel compared to Brayden! I honestly do not know why he acts the way he does. Tad and I are parents that believe in wooping/time outs and such. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING scares Brayden... We might woop him for doing something that we told him several times not to do and he'll cry and then go right back and do it again. Should I really just give in and let him do what he wants? I mean I am out of solutions and have no idea how to solve this problem that we have. Meltdown should really be his middle name! He has a meltdown about EVERYTHING!!!! I know he's only 2 but still..... he should not act like this at all. He's spoiled rotten! When he doesn't listen, you cant just say "Now Brayden that isn't sweet, don't do that" you need to wear his hiney OUT!!! He bites other kids when he doesn't get what he wants...Listen I have bitten him back after he's bitten me and left marks... Guess what?? It didn't work! He still does it. Don't get me wrong he can be the sweetest boy ever but he needs his way to be sweet. So any suggestions on how to break him from completely having meltdowns every 10 seconds or break him from biting other kids, I would appreciate it!

I did start on my career paper yesterday, I have the introduction finished! When I get done with it, its due Sunday.. I will post it and let you all read it! :) I'm sure you'll enjoy a good laugh at my career plan!haha.  Tad had to go down to PCB for work to get some type of card for the rig so he won't be home till a little later. So Brayden and are relaxing right now, he's watching Mickey Mouse while playing with my hair. We do have to deliver a cup and some ornaments this afternoon to some people! I love making a few extra bucks :) Tomorrow morning, I'm helping with community Christmas in Andalusia, have to be there at 8:30! Whew, I haven't gotten up and had to be anywhere that early in a while...sad I know!  Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

I have no idea what happened with this picture, but I love it :) These boys drive Mommy crazy but I wouldn't trade them in...(not today anyway) bahahaha!
 This would be the beginning of a meltdown...

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