Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a Few things...

Our weekend started out with a yardsale on Saturday morning. My mother and I had a yardsale together, and we did pretty good too. We were just glad to get rid of everything and not have it in our houses anymore, which most of it was in her house...haha :) So after the yardsale was over we both took a nap with Brayden since we had been up since 4:30! Tad and my daddy smoked a boston butt and they cooked me Tilapia because I don't eat boston butt...Yes I know I'm weird... I got Aunt Sam to bake Tad a pound Cake for his birthday since he won't be home for his birthday on Thursday. So we had pound cake and homemade ice cream! It was YUUUMMMYYY! Tad will be 27 on Thursday, though he says that he's going to be 21. I guess he's already starting to get senile. haha. He left for work today which is a day early, but its okay since he's been home almost 3 weeks with us! We still miss him of course but we got to spend some extra time with him. He left around 10 this morning and Brayden and I have been absolutely lazy all day long. We went to mother and daddy's for a little while tonight and just relaxed..haha... So we really haven't done ANYTHING at all today. I did wash clothes today, clean Brayden's room, go through some of his summer clothes to sell, and clean the kitchen. Other than that we have played inside and outside today. Tomorrow is back to school and Dance, but its payday tomorrow! :) so thats always a good day! ;) I will make 3 trips to Dothan this week, because Brayden has his 18 month appt. on Friday morning.Brayden is passed out right beside in the bed laying on top of all our pillows. He looks so comfortable and peaceful! I wish I slept as good as he does at night. It's almost 10:30 and I have a long drive to Dothan in the morning.
Of course this is their gameday picture! Tad holding a number 1... I'm assuming he's trying to say that Auburn in number 1. :) Brayden can say War and Hey but he's missing the Eagle part so we're still working on that part!
I'm not exactly sure what Brayden was doing in this picture, but I thought he caught his little personality just right! I kind of looks like he's trying to sing... We have a microphone at Mother and Daddy's house that goes to the karaoke machine and Brayden LOVES playing with it. He hollers into it and walks around and wants us to holler into it also. So cute, We always tell him he needs to be on American Idol. :) He will be my BIG 18month old on Wednesday, and it makes me want to cry cry cry! I just think about how small he was this time last year and that he was just starting to try to scoot around the floor, and feeding him bottles every 4 hours! I miss that soo much! Here are a few pictures of my baby boy this time last year!HAPPY 18 MONTHS TO MY SWEET BRAYDEN PIERCE TISDALE! I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE BEING YOUR MOMMY! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR THIS BIG ALREADY...
I hope ya'll have a wonderful work either at work or school, and I'm so blessed to have such a sweet and healthy little boy. :)

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