Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just like New

 This picture was taken Thursday night while I was cooking Brayden and I supper. He was being soo sweet playing in the living room, and then he decided he needed to take a break on the couch. Notice all the slober on his shirt, I've never known a child to slober as much..Well I guess I do, it would be me... :) When I was in middle school I had to wear a lip bumper before I got braces, and it made my bottom lip poke out so I would slobber occasionally, and sometimes I still do. haha... Anyway, Mother and I cleaned my carpets yesterday and they looked SOO much better! We will really be able to tell today, I haven't been home yet since we stayed here last night to let the carpet dry. So, I'm anxious to see if it did as good as a job as I think it did! I hope so.. Our carpet was filthy, and I don't understand how it could get that dirty. I'm hoping it looks just like NEW!:) Tad was pretty happy that we cleaned it, he has been wanting it done for awhile now. When I talked to him last night he said he wanted hardwood all throughout our house whenever we get to build one. :) They are finally getting to stay on location now, and out of those crappy hotel rooms! Bless their hearts, I don't see how they lived in that hotel for that long, I could barely make it one night! He made it through and now is able to start cooking instead of eating out everyday..and most importantly wear CLEAN CLOTHES! :) Brayden has learned a few new words this past week....stink stink, change it, turtle, golf cart, and pig. Of course his favorite word is NO! I will ask him anything and he says "Noooooo" and makes a funny face. He loves to dance and will start dancing in the middle of nowhere, there doesn't even have to be music playing sometimes. I guess he's going to be like his mommy and LOVE to dance! :) I don't know what we have planned for today, Mother had to go work registration for the fair this morning, and won't get off until 1 and daddy of course is in the deer woods. Brayden and I may go meet mother in Andy when she gets off and do some running around with her. He is asleep right now and I have nothing to do, which I guess I could do my math homework, but I think that can hold off until tomorrow afternoon or Monday! :)

Brayden was only up for about and hour and a half this morning before he crashed again. I was sitting on the love seat and he crawled up and sat with me, and the next thing I knew his head was falling over and his eyes were closed. I picked him up and held him on my chest for a few minutes then went and laid him down in our bedroom. It used to be "my" bedroom, but since Brayden came along he's kind of taken over some. Here's a picture of him asleep as we speak! Have a good Saturday everyone and WAR EAGLE! :)

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