Monday, October 11, 2010

The Smallest things have the Biggest Difference! :)

Tad left for work last Monday, and most likely won't be home for another 2 weeks. :( So, Brayden and I surprised him with a trip to MS to see him on Saturday! We went with Amy and little miss Emma and had a great trip! :) We were sad to leave yesterday since we probably won't get to see Tad for awhile. We did enjoy our time with him though and Brayden was soo happy to see his daddy. It's going to be a long 2 weeks without him I'm sure! I have an 8 o'clock class that starts tomorrow, and I'm sure I will be super tired tomorrow night! So, that means that I have to get up at 5:00!!! I'm just not used to that at all, but I'm sure I will get used to by December...well maybe anyway! haha...It's only on Tuesday's since it's just a Hybrid class and part of it is online. I don't have dance this week since Opp Schools are out for Fall Break, which gives me time to spend with Brayden ;) Thursday was Tad's birthday, and bless his heart he was at work! He says that he turned 21 but in reality he turned 27!!! He's getting really close to 30.... He just wishes he was as young as me! haha..

This was Brayden last night after we got home from Izzy and Papa T's house, he fell asleep beside me sitting up while I was watching tv. So before I went to sleep I turned the light on and had to get a picture!  He was pooped from his ride home yesterday, but he was glad he got to see his daddy!
 Well last November I asked Aunt Sam if she could make me some new curtains for my kitchen, because we had the ones that came with the house and they were not my style! :) She told me to go get some fabric at T&C, so thats what I did. Well she was busy and wasn't able to make them over Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. I would tease her about making everything else and not my curtains! Well it was about time for summer and she "promised" me that she would make them this do you think I got them this summer? NOOO!!! :) She was busy, yes I know! So, while we were on our way to MS Saturday she called me and said " Valerie is going to make your curtains" I was soo HAPPY! It's been 11 months since I bought that fabric and FINALLY I'm getting some curtains :) When Brayden and I got home yesterday the first stop we made was at Aunt Sam's house to get the curtains and they are sooo cute! I'm crazy about the color green it's my favorite so of course my curtains have a lot of green in them. Here are a few pictures of my new curtains! Valerie and Aunt Sam thank you soo much! :)
Always remember if your not a "PAYING COSTUMER" your sewing things come last!!! hahaha... The paying costumers always come first! Believe me its the truth. I mean it took almost a whole year to get some curtains for my kitchen! I love you Aunt Sam! Now, is Brayden going to have some shirts for this winter or am I going to have to starve him so that maybe you'll have them done by next winter and he'll be able to wear them??? HAHAHA! LOVE YOU!

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