Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a day!

My day started at 5 am this morning, and boy was I wanting to stay in the bed! I was soo sleepy and of course I didn't sleep to well last night. We stayed with Izzy and Papa T since Papa T kept Brayden today while I was at school, and I wouldn't have to wake Brayden up at 6:30 for me to bring him down here. Once I got to school I felt better and wasn't so tired...thank goodness! After my first class was over I went down to the deli and got a fried chicken sandwhich that was YUMMY! Ohh it was soo good. I didn't eat breakfast before I left home because I was afraid it would make me sick. Sometimes breakfast makes me sick if I eat to early in the morning. So I was starving by 10:15! :) Overall, I had a good day at school and right now I'm not to sleepy but I'm sure by the time I watch One Tree Hill and Teen Mom..I will be worn slame out! We are working on week 2 without Tad and we miss him TONS. I wish he were home but I'm glad that we have him and that he wants to take good care of Brayden and I.

Oki and Brayden one night at momma's house during a football game, They were so sweet riding the train together.
 The next few pictures are of Brayden and Oki Grace having snack time in the garage after playing hard in the yard. They both had their Opp Bobcats shirts on, and I thought it would be nice to have a picture of them together in their shirts.

 Brayden is dressing up as a dinosaur this year for Halloween and I cannot wait! He looks SOOO cute! It came in the other Saturday and I just had to try it on him and snap a picture. Last year, he was a girraffe and I'm pretty positive nothing will ever top that costume and how CUTE he looked in it, but the dinosaur comes pretty close! Plus I loved it because it was green, which is my favorite color.
 Doesn't he look just soo dern cute??? I think he does...He has to be the sweetest and cutest dinosaur that I've ever seen!!! :)

I hope everyone has a great week!
Oh yeah, Brayden's doctor appt. got cancelled Friday so I had to reschedule it for Monday the 18th! My poor boy has to get shots...I would say that I would take them for him if I could, but I really hate shots too. So, I just wish that he didn't have to have them, or maybe his daddy would come take them for him..  ;)

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