Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank Goodness for some Sleep!

Brayden slept all night last night! No crying, No screaming, No NOTHING! :) Thank goodness! He feel asleep in my arms while I was watching TV in the living room. So once I decided he was good and asleep I put him in his crib, and usually he wakes up but he didn't this time. After I put him in his crib I stayed up a little longer, and around 9:30 I went to bed and watched tv. I woke up around 12:30 and decided to go get him and put him in the bed with me. The bed felt very lonely without him, but I know I've got to start putting him in his bed. We plan on getting a twin bed for him pretty soon and I'm going to want him to sleep in it. Slowly but surely Tad and I will start letting him sleep in his crib more, and hopefully we'll sleep better too! :) Tad comes home tomorrow night, and I can't wait to see him and spend 7 days with him! Brayden is taking his morning nap right now, and I really need to be doing some school work but I just can't seem to get very motivated today. I've been trying to do a little online christmas shopping this morning, and it hasn't been going so well. I didn't have intentions on ordering anything today, but thought I would try and get some ideas....yeah right... I haven't found anything except a few things that Tad and I have already talked about getting Brayden. I want to get Tad some surprises but I just can't seem to find anything that catches my eye! He's knows that he's getting an ipod touch, so thats not really a surprise to him..I need to be ordering that too! Anyway, I'm going to try to start doing the Menu Monday that Toyia is doing, so I will try to do that post later this afternoon. I love to cook, just normally after dance I'm so tired I don't want too, but I'm going to try and cook everynight this week with the exception of Friday, which I may cook if we're home but you never know we might go out to eat :) I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend, I know Saturday we have our Fall Festival at our church so we will be there some of the day. As far as Friday, I'm positive that Tad will most likely be hunting if his ladder stand comes in(which it should be here any day now). Well, I better get Brayden and I some lunch cooked before he wakes up from his nap. :)

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