Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Past Week....

We had a great week! School was good, dance was good, everything was just good...nothing bad! *haha* Tad is home..He came home last Friday because they switched his rig again. Which is a good thing since his new rig is in MS. Shorter drive and less money we have to fork out for gas! Makes me much happier that I don't have to worry about Tad on that long drive anymore to Texas! Anyway, I'm taking an Art Appreciation class online, and I've known for about a month that I had to do a art project due on Wednesday. Well, of course I wait until Wednesday to do it!!! I CAN NOT DRAW I repeat I CAN NOT DRAW!!!! It doesn't matter if I spent a week working on that project I really don't think that it would have been much better than I did it in just a couple of hours. I cannot draw stick people...How in the world am I supposed to draw the Mona Lisa? I mean COME ON!!! I never made higher than a "B" in my high school art class, I think she just felt sorry for me and let me have a B. But Its over and its turned in! Thank goodness!!!! Wednesday night I didn't sleep a wink! So, when it was time for me to get up on Thursday morning for school, I felt horrible. My left ear hurt, I was sleepy, and sneezed my head off about 30 times I think! I made it to school and Math Class was absolutley STRESSFULL. I have never learned to much math within an hour and a half in my whole entire lifetime! I thought my brain was going to explode. So, after math I went to my evolutionary psy. class and the teacher wasn't there so we watched a video on the evolution of diseases. Very interesting I must say! Mother, Gail, and Sam were in Dothan all visiting doctors... So I met them and we went to the mall to shop. None of us really got much...I did get some sandals for $15 at Dillards which are Gianni Bini...I thought that was a steal!:) Friday Mother, Brayden and I went to Lowe's after she got home from work to get some blinds for my house. We have those cheap white blinds that came with our trailor, and Brayden has torn them to pieces! I want some better ones that he wouldn't be able to mess these up. I only bought 2 sets since they are kind of pricey. These will go in our bedroom and we will work our way down to Brayden's room to replacing the blinds. Today, Tad is with Josh Carnley at the Auburn Game...He has been so excited all week long about this game. It started Monday...and by Tuesday morning I was ready for Saturday!haha...But I'm happy that he's getting to go since he hasn't been able to go in the past couple of years. I hope he has a good time and enjoys being around all the Auburn Fans!!!WARRRR EAGGGLLEEE!

This was last Saturday, we were planning on having company for the game that night, so I decided to make cookies and Brayden wanted to help!! :)

He had soo much fun, but wanted to eat all of it!

Brayden had a blast playing outside while Daddy cooked us supper for the Auburn game last weekend!

Brayden doesn't like to get his hands dirty at all...

Pinapples for Breakfast! He wanted this and nothing else!

Brayden Pierce looking like his daddy!

He demanded that he feed himself this morning...Needless to say that we had grits EVERYWHERE!

My sweet Baby Boy was soo sleepy, and had been playing hard that morning!

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