Monday, September 13, 2010

Just another Monday..

We had a great weekend! On Friday, Tad and I spent some time together...We went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and then had lunch at Howard's...YUMMY! After lunch, He went and played golf with our Sunday School teacher Brother Ralph, and I went and picked up Brayden and did some errands around town. Thank goodness Brayden was feeling much better! He woke me up at 1:30 Thursday morning burning up...his temp. wasn't that high but he did NOT feel good at all. I didn't go to school on Thursday since he was sick and I don't like to leave him when he's sick. I did have to go to dance that afternoon, but I wasn't away from him very long! Anyway, Tad helped Will Mack on the race car Friday night, so Tiffany came over to see us and we had a good time talking and catching up since I don't see her for a month when Traveler is home. Tiffany, Brayden and I went to Dothan Saturday shopping and had lunch at Chili' of my very favorite places to eat because its soo good and soo cheap! Neither one of us bought much, but what we bought was on sale! :) I love to bargain shop! I got Brayden the cutest little Brown jacket for $5 at Old Navy, it reminds me of the jacket I wanted to buy from the Kellys Kids catalog! Sunday we went to church and started our Revival, and of course it was GREAT! If you can make it this week you def. should! I'm not sure if we're going tonight simply because Tad has to leave bright and early in the morning to go back to work, and I have to work the other 2 nights. :( I'm hoping this week while he is gone will go by pretty fast since when he comes home we are going to the BEACH for a couple of days! I'm so excited and going to the beach before it turns cold on us! My mother and I are also having a yard sale October 2, so we've got to get busy getting things together for it. Overall, everythings going really good in the Tisdale household! I did have a bad week at dance and I really hope that it gets better this week. School, Dance, being a mommy, and being a wife is really a FULL TIME job! I love spending time with my family and being able to see them all the time and I LOVE living so close to everyone. :) I hope everyone has a blessed week and don't work to hard! *haha* :)

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