Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 2 year Anniversary!

Yesterday was Our 2 year Anniversary, and Tad was at work since his schedule got changed. Which is okay, I wasn't bummed about it since he will be home on Wednesday morning. We have been through alot the past 2 years and it sure hasn't been the easiest 2 years either. Through it all we still are together and love each other so much and have the sweetiest and cutest little boy together. Nobody ever said marriage was easy and it's def. NOT! Everything needs work and hard work at that, but we've managed it and got through it. I know that God put us together for a reason, but I have yet to figure out why he put to stubborn hard headed people together! haha... We are both only children and I will admit that we are both spoiled rotten...and will probably never change. I can already tell through Brayden that he is going to be way worse than Tad and I put together! Thats okay though:) I love Tad with all my heart and he makes me so happy that he works so hard for Brayden and I so that I don't have to get a "real" job until after I finish college. He has to be the best husband...He cooks...He MOPS...He vaccums...He cuts grass..and lots more. I like to cook but he seems to like it more than I do so I just let him do it for me. The whole mopping the floors...I've never done so he does it for me...I think he thinks I will make a mess or something :) Overall, he's a lot of help around the house, but when it comes to a dirty diaper he hands Brayden to me... :) He says it makes him sick, or either he will change it but he needs my assistance! haha... Tad and I didn't have a wedding..we just did the reception deal which was really nice. I do want a wedding one day when we renew our vows maybe at our 5 yr anniversary or something. I just want to experience finding the "right" dress with my momma! I think every girl should experience that if they are able too. We got married Sept.5 '08 and had our reception Oct. 25 '08. Tad and I were married 8 months before Brayden we didn't get that whole honeymooners feel really. Thats okay...we didn't need it..Brayden is so much better. :)
Tad and I at Shuckums in PC
This was Christmas 2007..Our first Christmas together.
Tad took me to my first Auburn game, We camped out at Auburn and had the best time:)
This was formal night on the Cruise we went on in May of 2008.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to two deserving people! Y'all are wonderful and have came so far!! Brayden is so blessed to have a mom and dad like y'all! You'll get that wedding one day maybe and you'll make a beautiful bride!