Friday, September 10, 2010

Letting it Out...

This will be VERY short...but I just want to say that people should have respect. And it really upsets me on how some people treat their elders, and it doesn't even seem to bother them. I may lose respect for someone, but I will NEVER disrespect them to their face. I don't want to do that and God doesn't want me to do that either. I guess I'm very oldfashioned and maybe believe in a lot of differnt things that some, but I know what the right thing to do is! I don't understand why people always want to be on top of things and want everyone to know everything about them...People amaze me everyday and thats one reason my major is psychology is to figure out all these questions that I have and the things that I do not understand why humans do things for. I also don't care to live my life by thinking that I have to "keep up with the Jones"everyone knows that saying and alot live by it.... For whoever reads this and is a social climber, I'm sorry that you feel that you need to be that way! I'm having a really hard time with some issues right now and just don't quite understand some things, but maybe in time I will. As for right now, I know God is by my side and is going to watch over me and help do the RIGHT THING! I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I just needed to get this off my chest!