Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to the busy life....

Brayden brought some change to me on Friday afternoon that I guess he wanted to take to the game with him, needless to say it was Mexican money..he did keep it in his pocket all day though.
He thought he should put a bump it in his hair to make it look fuller for the pep rally. haha
Mommy and Brayden playing while Daddy was at work..we have nothing better to do.. :)
Well we have got back into our routine a little bit with me starting back at Troy/Dothan, which is a relief. I've started back to zumba twice a week from missing alot this summer because he being gone, and I've been working really hard at the dance studio. I have almost got everything ready for shoe week, I just need to set everything up now. We are still adjusting to Tad being gone every other week, but it seems to be becoming easier for me. He came home Wednesday night and had to leave again Saturday morning...So, we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together. We did make it to eat at Howard's and the Football game on Friday. I have missed Howards...its by far my favorite place to eat in Opp. This was Brayden's second football game, I took him to one last year but he was too little to know anything. This year he is older and he loved it! He is turning into a complete mess these days. He said Izzy the other night and of course my mother was soo happy. She has been waiting on that since he started saying PawPaw. I asked him the other day if he wanted to go home and he said "home" it was too cute. He can also say work...Since Tad is gone alot I figured he should know where his daddy is. Everyone asks me what he's getting for Christmas and I guess he's getting a DS and an Ipod since he has to have mine all the time. My little 16 month old is high tech and wants what his mommy has.
This was Brayden at the game on Friday night, the only time he would come to is when somebody would walk by and run into them... :)

He loves to sit in the recliner with the DS with a blanket and a pillow.

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