Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bottle went Bye Bye!

Brayden is a little over 16 months old and still refuses to drink milk out of anything other than his bottles! I packed all his bottles up and we're putting them in the attack this weekend! So, on Monday night I gave a cup of milk...he spit it out. Therefore, he went to bed without any milk on Monday. I attempted again yesterday after I got home from school...He spit it out again. Then I got to thinking what if I put some strawberry in it now...will he drink it? and YES he did! I was sooo HAPPY :) I've tried strawberry and chocolate before and he still wouldn't drink it, but I guess he decided he was thirsty and that he wasn't getting any juice. He is doing so good now, and I'm so happy that I don't have to wash bottles anymore!! I hated that more than anything. I'm just happy that Brayden has decided it was time to be a big boy and drink milk from his cup even if its strawberry! I have been worried about this for several months that he would not let go of his bottle. He only had one bottle a day and that was at nighttime,so that meant he only had milk one time a day and it was only about 6 oz. When I gave him his milk this morning, he just sort of gave me this "what the world" look and drank it. Maybe he is starting to understand that the bottles are gone and milk only comes in cups now! haha... Now on to the pottytraining...I plan on starting in October with him and hopefully he will do pretty well.
Anyway...Tad left for work yesterday while I was at school so I pretty sad that I didn't get to see him leave. I'm sure I will get use to it though since it will happen every other time he is home. The other times he will have to leave in the morning so he will most likely leave before I even leave for school. We miss him already and wish he was home to play with us! School is going great! I love my classes and my teachers are nice too. My math teacher is special... he is just one of those types of teachers you see on TV. Its hilarious....It takes all I can do not to laugh at him when I'm in class, he is incredibly goofy acting, but he's super nice in helping you with what you don't understand. This time next year I will be getting ready to graduate in Dec. of '11. I'm pretty excited and can't wait. But anyway, this little boy of mine is telling me he needs breakfast so I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. Yay for Brayden!!! He needed to be slow at something. He was always ahead of all the others with everything else anyway *haha*!