Monday, August 16, 2010

When Daddy's are In Charge....

They always say that mommy's are for nurture and daddy's are for play...well I have finally believed it! We have been down here at mother and daddy's house all afternoon and Tad, my daddy, and Brayden went to the store(onycha grocery) on the golf cart while I was finishing some homework for tomorrow. While they were gone it started pouring rain which it has on and off all day long. So, they get back and they had gotten Brayden a sucker so we were all outside. Next thing I know Tad and Brayden are running in and out of the garage in the rain. It was funny..I'm surprised Brayden liked it. He loves a bath but doesn't usually care about getting wet like that. So then Tad runs out in the yard in a huge water puddle, and guess who follows him...BRAYDEN! I just knew he was going to fall in that water or either just sit down, but when he bent down on his knees his hiney got soaked! He ran in and out of the water for awhile and then he finally fell down. It was funny! Then all of a sudden my daddy starts laughing and we look at Brayden...He was making his mommy a nice little present in his diaper, which was of course soaked also. Then he started getting grass allover himself and kept saying "eww" so I made him come inside to get a bath and find out just how bad my little present was. Overall, it was really funny! Now I really wonder what goes on when Tad or my daddy have him while I'm at school or dance.Hmm...It really makes me think... :) Here are a few pictures of their fun this afternoon.

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