Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at the Beach

We went out on the beach Sunday and stayed out there just about all day. I didn't make Brayden take a morning nap since we were going to be on the beach. I figured that he would be good and tired by the time we came in and he passed out long before we came in! *haha* Brayden had a great time playing in the sand but didn't care for the water that much at all. Hopefully he will learn to love the water because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach water!! We did play in the sand and had sand EVERYWHERE!! I think I still have some sand in some Brayden and his Aunt Brandi played in the sand for awhile until she couldn't handle the sand anymore. Then it was my turn to get down there and play with him, which I loved!!!!After playing in the sand for awhile he decided it was time for a nap so he slept on my chest under the umbrella for 2 hours.
We have had such a great time with the family and can't wait for the rest of the family to get here. :) We did a little bit of shopping yesterday for brayden...and yeah mother and me! :) We weren't supposed to be buying anything for us just Brayden but we had a detour. Our main objective was to get Brayden summer clothes for next year and start getting him some winter clothes. I'm very hesitant to buy him pants because he is soo short and he is still in 12 month clothes. He has several 18month shorts that he will not even be able to fit before the summer ends. So, I'm hoping that maybe he'll be able to wear them next summer. Fingers crossed :) We did get him a few things.. I am excited about a little jacket we got at GAP it was $9.99 and 30% off that! I thought that was a great deal, and we also got the cutest bluejean jacket from The Children's Place for Fall/Winter. They are both VERY cute and I'm sure he will be VERY cute in it.
This morning Brayden and I woke up and Aunt Sam was making homemade biscuits for everyone. We had biscuits, sausage, eggs, and white gravy! YUMMY!!!! Aunt Sam and I are the stay at moms this week...Sam's Duties are to Cook and my duties are dishes and clothes. :) Brayden has decided this morning that he wants Oki's cup instead of his own, so he's walking around with a pink flowered juice cup!
The picture upload is not working right so I will try to do a post later with all the pictures :)

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  1. The breakfast sounds yummy and I think it is wonderful that y'all are able to get everyone together and do this each year!