Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beach Beach Beach :) :) :)

We are at the beach!!! WOOHOO... We got to Destin about 2 1/2 hours ago! Thank goodness...I've been looking forward to this ALL summer long. I look forward to this every year! My whole family under one roof for 7 days. :) I love it! Brayden, Mother and I are the only ones here at the moment. Aunt Gail, Uncle Harrison, and Trevor are on their way down and Sonya and Brandi are coming too. Aunt Sam, Uncle Wayne, and the kiddos will be here tomorrow night after DT at church. My daddy and Tad will be here Wednesday, Aunt Chan and Tucker should be here Monday or Tuesday. We are going to have a house full :) I love it though. Last year Brayden was still a baby and didnt care for the water or sand very much, but I have a feeling he will be the one throwing sand all over us this year and not Oki Grace! haha...Well maybe both of them... :) I wish my daddy and Tad could be down here with us the whole time...but as they say somebody in the family has to work...haha I am just looking forward to being away from Opp a little while. I am sad that I'm going to miss my first Homecoming at Ino as a member! But I do know that I will be able to attend many many more!!!! While I'm here I still have to do some schoolwork unfortunately. I start back to Troy in Dothan August 10th and I am soo excited:) I have missed it this summer.
Back to the Beach... The water looks a little dirty but it seems to just be seeweed. There is a yellow flag out today, but our experience last year with the water was awful...the waves just knocked you down and you hardly able to get yourself back up. I'm sure that the tropical depression isnt helping any at all... Hopefully we will have fun which Im pretty sure that we will. :) Our beach house is very nice, our house last year really let us down...we were very disappointed about the house that we had last year. This year...MUCH nicer:) Brayden is asleep right now in his pack and play after screaming about 15 minutes because he DID NOT want to take a nap. He was SUPER ill and needed his afternoon nap!! No skipping the afternoon nap today! :) Ohh...we have a elevator in here...its soo cool! we haven't rode it and I don't plan too, but we did use it to take our luggage to the 3rd floor...since we are always up top..It was much easier than carrying all of our luggage up 2 flights of stairs! But I will post pictures soon of the beach and Brayden! Hope everyone has a great Day! :)

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