Wednesday, January 22, 2014

25..Half way to FIFTY!

I turned 25 on January 5th.. I am still trying to understand this. How in the world did I get here so fast? I was just 16! I was talking to my momma this morning about me being 25 and it doesn't at all seem like I should be this age. I seriously feel like I should still be in high school. Tiff and I should still be driving around town, her in her moms white coat and glasses with the steering wheel all in her face, and me laid all the way back in seat.BAHAHAHAHA!  Anyway, so crazy... but I just wanted to do a post about me and maybe you'll learn a few things about me that you didn't know :)

*I'm an only child
*I was the only grandchild on the Carnley side for almost 10 years
*I admit, I am completely spoiled rotten
*I always wanted a baby brother
*The top cover must be down on the toilet when I shower
*I do not like ppl using my bathroom (huge adjustment when I married Tad)
*I started dance when I was 5 and quit when I was 23
*Brayden and I fight like brother and sister (aggravates tad to death)
*I'm probably the biggest momma and daddy's girl ever
*I've always known I wanted to live in my parents front yard!
*I don't think I could ever move unless my parents agreed to move too
*The blinds stay closed alot of days when Tad is at work
*I HATE needles
*I dislike mopping our house...takes FOREVER!
*Ribs are disgusting
*I use to only eat a T-bone, I eat rib-eyes now
*I don't eat red apples or purple grapes!
*I am very judgmental (something I need to work on)
*I'm bossy...VERY bossy (like that song, I had a shirt that said it *ha Tiff*)
*I like to know whats going, I hate being out of the loop
*My momma, Aunt Gail, Aunt Sam and I are all on a group text..Ive had 64 unread texts before GAIL!
*NYC is my very favorite place to be!
*I've been on 1 cruise (hopefully going on one this year)
*I've never been to Disney World (hopefully going this year)
*I am addicted to buying purses, they always fit!
*I have severe only child syndrome *haha*
*I like banana pudding without the banana's.
*I have the BEST husband ever, spoils me rotten!
*My kids are precious and my whole world!
*Recently, banged into our garage door.. WTG Kayla!
*LOVE my church family!!!
*My best friends are AWESOME..mostly because they love me :))
*I dyed my hair with peroxide when I was in middle school
*I married an only child
*I only eat pork chops grilled and thats rare.
*Chicken and rice is terrible
*Tad is my rock even when hes driving me nuts.
*I wont eat anything that has nuts in it!
*If I leave something at your house and you tell me you washed it, I still rewash it..(I like it to smell like us)
*I had Brayden at age 20 and Mollie Mae at age 24
*Tad and I met the night I graduated high school.
*The tv helps me to go to sleep at night
*I did not want Oki to be a girl, I wanted to be the only girl, but when I first saw her I fell in love
*Thanks to Brandi, I've seen the miracle of life.That sweet boy is pure precious!
*I had 1 semester left of college and quit.
*Last of all and probably the funniest...this is for you Toyia and Kyle! My parents went to the beach without me, and I cried and pitched a big ole fit because they left me at home with Sam.. I remember it like yesterday! Oh your probably thinking she was like 5 or 6...guess again.... I was 14! :)

Maybe you learned something new about me :) Happy Wednesday! Shout out To the Birthday girl today! Happy Birfday La'Toyia! :))

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