Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We ARE alive! I promise!

Okay, so it's been over a month since I last blogged and SOO much has happened to the Tisdale's. I started substituting at OES and OMS, LOVE IT! But not enough to change my major in August when I start back to school, after my much needed break from schoolwork. Around the middle of March we got word that Tad would be leaving to go back to work on April 10th, so we the set a date for B's birthday party, April 6th which is his actual birthday. I got invites made and printed and they were on their way in the mail. Well about 4 days after we got the first email, they sent another and said he would be leaving on April 6th!!!! Are you kidding me?? Really??? I should have known this though, as soon as we set a date for the party they would make him leave earlier or on that day..and thats exactly what happened! I was SOOOO mad and confused on what to do.. Immediately I called my mom and text my friends April and Toyia for their opinions on what to do. They're moms and I knew they could help me figure out a solution! So with all of their help, I just decided to change the birthday to March 30. That way Tad could be home for his baby boys party. He wasn't happy with me about changing it at all, He knew how hard I had been working on this party and how much I still had to do for it and didnt want me to be rushed. I think he just didn't want me to put him to work!*haha* I tried to tell most of the people that we were inviting to the party that we had to push it up a week because I didn't get the invites until the Saturday before the party... I handed most of them out on Sunday to our friends at church though. So party day got here and April came to help me get food done and decorations done that day. She was a HUGE help! Thanks soo much April! :) I promise to help with "michael" Jackson's party. Anyway, so in the middle of us making chocolate covered marshmellows and other goodies. Tad gets an email, that says your departure date has been moved to leave on April 10.... REALLY???? I was steaming HOTTTTTTT!!!! Did this really happen? YES IT DID! HOT HOT HOT, is not even the words to describe how I felt after he got that email. All Tad could say was, I told you not to change the party... UGH! We made it through the party, barely... It stormed...and then what you ask???? A tornado! Yes, you read that exactly right! A tornado cloud comes right in front on the house. So here we all go into mothers house.... Luckily it didn't last very long, and most of everybody left soon after that, which I completely understand! I was soo tired, my feet were killing me...I had been standing up and going since 6:00 that morning! I have never cleaned up a birthday party so fast in my life..That next day I talked to my mom, and she was like you just cleaned up and got out of here.... I mean I was POOPED and needed to sit down and get off my feet before they fell off.

Of course I have lots more pictures, but my computer is being funny and is taking FOREVER to upload just 1 photo! So I'm glad that I got to catch you up on a few of the things that have happened with us...I do have lots more to tell and will do so in the next post :)

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