Monday, April 30, 2012

Ohh what a Day!!!

My two boys! Boy I love them :)

Our weekend was very low key and relaxing...I love those kind of weekends.. My Aunt Gail called Friday night wanting us to go to the beach on Saturday and Brayden and I passed on that. I really wanted me and him to just be lazy, clean a little and do the laundry! And thats just what we did.. We did manage to make a trip to the grocery store for a few things that we needed, but that was it! Saturday afternoon, I started feeling really bad :( Most of you know I haven't been feeling great the past month. I finally went to the doctor! Don't know whats going on yet but hopefully will know something soon. I'm telling you since October, Tad and I have been falling apart! haha... gallbladder, hornea...and now this? Good Gracious, but I'm sure God knows what he's doing with us :) I'm very sure of that! Our Sunday School teacher always says don't say something about "Monday's" You know most of us always say, "It's been a Monday"...Now haven't we all said it at some point??? He always says to make it a Great Monday because it's the only one you'll have that week. I most definitely was saying that today! Even though today was a hectic Monday at work, I thanked God for giving me this Monday for this week and everything and everyone he put in my way today. I never knew all the things there was to do in a doctor's office, but now I know exactly what goes on behind that sliding glass! Craziness! *haha* I do enjoy it very much though and I enjoy the people I work with too. My parents are home from Bermuda, LUCKY DOGS!!! They said it was beautiful there but expensive. They said everything was closed by 6 and not very many places to eat. They saw 1 fast food and that was KFC, gotta have that fried chicken *lol* So it was like the country closed at 6... When they went to Spain, the city didn't start opening until 11, crazy how countries are so different. I did ask her if the captain said anything about going through the triangle on their way to and from Bermuda, she said no. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and have an even better Tuesday tomorrow :)

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