Monday, April 5, 2010

We're Still Here!!!

All I can say is Sorry!!! We are still alive I promise :). We currently do not have internet at our house because we were spending way to much time on the computer and not paying enough attention to Brayden like we should have! So, we have learned to live without the internet, but Tad says we need to get it hooked back up. I do plan too in about a month before Summer Semester starts just because I plan on taking a online class hopefully! But let me just give you the 411 whats been going on in our lives!

I started Troy in Dothan and I absolutley LOVE it! I really enjoy my classes and my professors alot. I have to admit I do have more work than I did at LBW. Monday isn't bad normally, now Wednesday's are usually very rushed! My last class gets out at 1:30, then I drive home which is about an hour and 10 minutes normally, go get Presley and Oki Grace from Kids World and then head to dance. On top of feeling very rushed I drop Brayden off at his granny's on Wednesday's about 7:45-8:00..and I don't get to see his until 6:45 that night when I get out of dance, and if he goes to church its normally around 8:45! So I really miss him alot on Wednesday's, but I'm getting more used to it now. This summer I plan on going back to LBW for a few basics that I need and to work on my 11 electives I need to graduate :).

The beginning of February Tad, Brayden and I became members of Ino Baptist Church! We really enjoy it and all of our church family. Brayden has a had time sometimes when we leave him in the nursery on Sunday mornings or Sunday nights. On his behalf, Brayden is not used to other people watching him because he doesn't go to daycare or anything like that. I do think he is getting a little better though! He is moving out of the nursery next Sunday into Aunt Sam's Sunday School class so that will definitely help!

Dance is coming along... Recital is getting closer and closer and there is so much that needs to be done, Like finishing some Dances!! It is really starting to stress me out and I need a much needed break from it. I love Mrs. S- but I think if she would let me take care of everything that I wouldn't be soo stressed out. I know that sounds weird but I really don't think I would be as stressed as I am about it. I have to admit I do like most of the costumes this year! I can't wait to see Oki Grace out there dancing...I just wish I was able to watch it with the audience. So don't forget June 4 and 5 is our recital! We are working really hard on it and the students are working VERY hard this year!:)

Brayden had a great Easter yesterday! His basket was filled with lots of goodies, and he was so excited to see what he got. We had a very busy day too..Church, Lunch with my family, and then supper with Tad's family. At Aunt Gail's house Brayden got chocolate all over him and the front porch. Then he found a sucker in his Easter basket and pitched a fit to eat of course we let him have it, and he thought he was grown getting to eat that sucker by himself. He ended up having to wear one of Trevor's shirts home.

Tomorrow April 6 Brayden Pierce Tisdale will be a year old ALREADY! Can you believe it? It makes me tear up everytime I think about it. My baby is soo big and I want him to be that 6lbs 12oz baby still! I miss being able to hold him while he sleeps on my chest. He still lets me hold him,but he's bigger now and his legs or too long.

I will have to post some pictures later, I'm at school right now inbetween my classes and I don't have my camera with me right now. I will post some pictures soon though....I PROMISE :):)

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