Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mean Lean Soccer Playing Machine

Brayden started soccer practice last Thursday and it has to be the funniest thing ever! We are pretty much laughing the whole time at the kids and watching them run and around kicking the ball. Brayden loves it and can't wait to go to practice. He thinks he needs to go practice everyday and he puts on his shin guards SEVERAL times a day. When watching him at practice you can clearly see that he has only child syndrome. *L* Not into sharing and having people kick the ball away from him and being apart of a "group". Last night while all the team was listening to instructions from the coaches, where was our child? At the other end of the field kicking a ball around NOT paying attention AT ALL! I can't help but laugh because if you know Brayden, it is so his personality. So, if you come to watch the games and not sure which one is Brayden, he would be the one that is standing on the field with his arms crossed and his head down having a meltdown because he got knocked down or somebody kicked the ball away from him. You really just have to love, laugh and smile at him!

The field was SOAKED yesterday during practice, my feet were wet and had grass all over them. I should have worn rainboots but trying to get these swollen feet in rainboots would have been real funny since I pretty much only have 1 pair of flip flops that I can wear right now. Oh 6 days till Mollie Mae's arrival! WOOHOO

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