Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Sweet Precious Family

Here are some pictures from the past week I just wanted to share! Enjoy!! This was before going to Andalusia for lunch with Izzy(my mom) one day.
We tried cereal for the first time by a spoon the other day and I think more of it ended up on his bib than in his tummy! It was soo funny watching his faces while we were feeding him.

Papa T and Brayden dressed alike and didn't even plan too! They were so cute though I just had to get a picture!

Landon Parker and Brayden Pierce are going to be such great friends one day like their mommy's are now! Landon is 3 months older than Brayden and Landon's mommy Nina is 3 months older than I am also! It's soo cool how things work out sometimes.

Brayden laying in his crib laughing and cooing at his monkey's. He absolutley loves his mobile and could lay there all day and talk to the monkey's on it.

Daddy and Brayden one night before Brayden's Bath Time. Brayden loves his daddy!


  1. Hey K! I haven't looked at your blog lately (sorry), but I got caught up this afternoon! Anyway, I like your posts. Blogging is such a great way to record the goings on of your sweet little familiy. Love to you!

  2. Sorry, I misspelled family! I do know how to spell!